Are self paced online courses available?

For those college students who either want to take their time getting through college the self- paced online courses are just the right thing for them. Students who decide to take self-paced online college classes have to be disciplined with their studies and make sure they finish up their classes in the required time. If any college student is not able for whatever reason cannot complete the course in the time allowed will have to pay extra fees in order to have the extra time to finish the course or courses.

Some colleges will accept small payments each month in order to be able to continue taking the self-paced online courses. Other colleges will charge a higher tuition making it necessary to apply for financial aid. The courses are online or books can be sent to the student’s home for studying and testing can be done online before a certain day or time has arrived. If the testing for the course is not completed by the designated day and time the student will either take a lower grade or pay an added fee.

Something new that most students are not use to, is a college that has a pass or no pass plan. Each college student takes all the time they need to take to get through any course. When the college student feels that they are ready for testing they will take the test and there are no grades given out, there is just a pass or no pass put on the paper. The college students are not rushed through their courses to read through material in a few days that they do not understand, only to take a test that they guess at the answers. Instead the college students are allowed to set up their own studey schedule and go as fast or as slow through the courses as they desire.

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Any college student who desires to take a self- paced class has to realize that there is not going to be a teacher to ask questions or to get encouragement from. Some colleges will have mentors, but the mentors are not to grade or socialize, they are mainly there to listen and allow the college student to figure out the problem on their own. The college student needs to be mature enough to study on their own, find their own answers and have a place to study and a time to study each day. These college students who decide to take self- paced college classes are the type of people who can get things done without somebody holding their hand.